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Child and Adolescent Therapy

Let every voice be heard

All of our of C&A clinicians have been trained specifically to manage childhood mental health concerns. Most typically, a child/adolescent intervention works best when there is collaboration with the parents or family. We rely on parents to be able to reinforce any strategies in-between sessions, to yield the most positive results.

The therapy would often be a talking therapy, and takes place over a number of weeks. Your clinician can guide you on how many sessions may be required to get you back on track. There are a variety of different talking therapies, and It can be helpful to have a short look at what therapy feels right for you. However, we understand this can be difficult to know, and therefore our clinicians will guide you on what type of therapy may work best for you.

Parents may request to be present in any or all of the sessions, and if the child is willing and most comfortable with their parent present, then we will honour this. Sometimes however, children prefer to have sessions without their parents present, this is normally because they don't want to worry their family by hearing the struggles they are going through. 

We will always be guided by the young person and their family and do our best to meet the goals of both the young person, and parents, through evidence based practice.

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