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Online therapy has been active and valued for many years, particularly in the UK and U.S.

It is of course a personal preference. If you feel that online therapy is not for you or your child, then please request face to face sessions. Although, during the COVID 19 outbreak, face to face sessions cannot be guaranteed and are subject to change at short notice.

Online therapy is typically via Zoom or Google Meets, and provides many of the same opportunities as face to face sessions. The clinic would send you a link to the session ahead of time.

You may be concerned if building a relationship digitally is possible or effective. We would say that in most cases, it's just as effective, as is the whole therapeutic journey. In some ways, online therapy is favoured by the client, as it allows for more flexibility in scheduling their appointments. For children, the therapeutic journey can take place in the comfort and safety of their home, which can provide more reassurance, safety, and feel a bit less scary than visiting the clinic for the first time. Research is growing that with some conditions, online therapy is more effective than face to face and has reduced the amount of sessions needed to work through the concern.

Of course, it remains your choice as to whether you have online or face to face therapy, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

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