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Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an evidenced based, talk therapy. An emphasis is placed on developing a warm, connected relationship with your therapist where you feel heard, validated and supported.

The psychodynamic process aims to help individuals recognize influences that are affecting their current emotional well-being and behavior. These influences can sometimes be hidden or illusive to grasp and by bringing these unconscious patterns of relating, behaving, feeling and thinking into awareness, we are able to reduce symptoms and improve our quality of life.

In other words, individuals frequently develop characteristic ways of responding to the world around them without being fully aware of these tendencies. By learning to spot these (often knee jerk) responses in psychotherapy, individuals can develop new ways of being in the world or patterns of relating. This can help to diminish symptoms, discomfort and interpersonal conflict. The approach also helps individuals learn to acknowledge, bear, and put into perspective their emotional lives. 

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