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Amarylis Harris

Meet:Amarylis Harris

Psychologist- Child, Adolescent and Adult / Parenting PractitionerAmarylis is licensed by the Community Development Authority (CDA)

About Amarylis Harris

Amarylis is a psychologist specialised in treating children, adolescents, adults and families through an integrative approach of CBT, ACT, CFT and the Triple P Parenting Programme.

Amarylis believes in treatment that is bespoke for each person.  Human beings are complex and the reasons which bring someone to therapy are as individual as that person.  Drawing on a strong skill set of different therapeutic techniques, Amarylis works with her clients to build a deeper understanding of themselves and the challenges they face, together deciding which areas to target for change in order to grow and flourish.

With 20 years in the psychological field, Amarylis enjoys working with adults and adolescents looking for support in a range of different psychological and social struggles, including difficult emotions, thoughts, and behaviours that they would like to be free from. In her work with adults Amarylis provides parenting assistance, both through individual and group work sessions.  A licenced facilitator of the Positive Parenting Programme Triple P, Amarylis is equipped with several practical strategies for the most common to the most complex of adolescent parenting challenges. Working with Amarylis, parents find there is hope, even in the most perpetual seeming battles, change is possible. 

Working with couples going through difficulty, Amarylis utilises the biopsychosocial framework from Compassion Focused Therapy to build a collaborative understanding of the presenting problems.  Considering behaviour patterns, needs and ways of responding, Amarylis helps couples challenge old assumptions and beliefs about one another or their relationship to find a deeper perception of the other.  Couples therapy can also support those experiencing a rupture or find new ways of communicating that escape repetitive habit loops and reoccurring arguments.  

Amarylis also works with parents who are separating; supporting the transition towards co-parenting through the changing circumstances She also helps individuals struggling with the loss and pain that comes with relationship breakdown.

Amarylis’ strengths include galvanising motivation for change. She has worked extensively with people gripped in behavioural cycles they wish to break from. This has included working with people wanting to end alcohol or substance use, change their eating patterns or move to a more productive lifestyle. It also encompasses supporting students who have lost interest in schoolwork or find going into school an enormous challenge. Together a path can be found that overcomes the barriers and leads back towards accomplishment.

Amarylis is a motivational speaker, delivering talks to small groups or large audiences. She seeks to appreciate the needs of the group and present ideas that aid understanding, provide techniques and skills to address those needs, whilst engaging the audience and having a little humour.  Always energised by psychological discussion, Amarylis brings a passion and energy to public speaking.   

Having supervised teams of counsellors, health professionals and substance addiction specialists in the UK prison service, as well as leading the counselling team across the JESS schools in Dubai, Amarylis can provide support to colleagues working within the industry. A great believer in learning together, Amarylis takes opportunities to bring counselling professionals and psychologists together to collaborate and find best practice. 

Amarylis is a CDA licensed psychologist, member of the British Psychological Society and Beck Institute Certification Programme. She is also a listed professional member of the Association for Contextual
Behavioural Science, which regulates ACT therapists.

Living in Dubai for over a decade, Amarylis has a grounded understanding of the nuances of ex-pat living, schooling, and working. Supporting families across a broad range of multicultural backgrounds, Amarylis seeks to help navigate the unique challenges that arise when living in this fascinating country away from our homelands.


  • Anxiety disorders including panic disorders, social disorders, separation anxiety, health anxiety, phobias & generalised
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Self-harm and suicidal ideation
  • Body Image concerns and perfectionism
  • Eating Disorders including Bulimia, Anorexia and Binge Eating Disorders
  • Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), focus and attentional problems
  • Parenting support and family interventions for parents of adolescents and teenagers
  • Separation, divorce, relationship difficulties including different types of abuse or feeling trapped
  • Behavioural change including addictions and eating struggles


  • Masters in Education and Psychology Med – Bristol University
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – Youth & Adult
  • Brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Non-Underweight Eating Disorders
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Substance Misuse Disorders
  • Diploma in Eating Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - Youth & Adult
  • Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)  – Youth & Adult
  • Positive Parenting Triple P Licensed Facilitator
  • Accredited Facilitator and Treatment Manager of Rehabilitation Programmes
  • Personal Construct Theory
  • Safeguarding Children Level 3 Trained


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