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The Journey

Future sessions

What to expect in the future sessions

Throughout the intervention you will continue to feel listened to and respected. Your clinician will design your treatment around your needs, and will always put your goals as the priority. At times, your clinician may recommend additional or different goals, but this will always be focused on their clinical judgement and with your best interests in mind. Just because your clinician recommends a particular direction, you are in the driving seat and should always feel empowered to speak up share any concerns.

Your clinician may recommend that during each session, small routine questionnaires are completed together; this is to help us measure how your symptoms are changing, and to make sure that collectively we are treating the most important concerns that you have.

For children, your clinician may ask you if it's ok to contact your parents and share information from the session with them. In most cases this can be honored, however there are certain times when information must be shared with a parent, and this would often relate to risk.

Your clinician will guide you on how long treatment may take. You can always ask this of your clinician too. 

Information will not automatically be shared with a parent, this is at the discretion of the child, but where possible we try to make our support as collaborative as possible, and encourage children to let us share information. For adults, this is entirely at the discretion of the individual, unless there is a concern for risk

If there is an agreement to end therapy

This is the time where clients and clinicians feel most accomplished. Often this means that the goals have been achieved and you are back on track.

When your therapy comes to an end, your notes will be stored on our electronic system for the allocated time as per UAE regulations, but no one will have access to these notes apart from your clinician. At any time you can request that your clinician provides you with a summary, but this would normally incur a cost. The clinical notes that we write are normally update notes, and if you require a summary or report, this would require collating your notes and writing a formulative summary.

If at any time you are not satisfied with the treatment you have received, please ask for the contact details of the Managing Director or Clinical Director.

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