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Quality of treatment

Providing a level of support that helps

Each and every clinician at Reverse Psychology has been carefully selected to provide the best treatment. All clinicians are at least Masters trained, with a subsequent practical training in a specific psychological treatment modality. All psychotherapists at Reverse Psychology are licensed in their home countries, and within the UAE, either through DHA and CDA. All clinicians are registered and accessible by browsing these respective websites.

The psychiatrists that represent the clinic are also licensed in their home countries and within the UAE, and their credentials are readily accessible on the DHA website.

We have required that all psychiatrists at Reverse Psychology have at least 10 years practice experience post qualification, and that all psychologists have at least 5 years experience post qualification. We are the first clinic in the UAE to mandate this of our clinicians.

It is our own expectation that we provide a level of support that helps our clients to achieve their goals and positive wellness at the soonest possible time, through evidence based, best practice guidelines.

With our team of internationally trained clinicians, we will provide you with the highest quality of care and support.

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