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The Journey

Picking your clinician

How to pick your clinician

This can be extremely difficult to navigate.

The most important part of picking your therapist is making sure you feel comfortable, listened to, respected and understood. These are very important for developing your relationship, which is crucial in ensuring a positive treatment outcome.

We always recommend that you ensure that your clinician is a UAE licensed psychologist/psychiatrist. This information can be found on the DHA/CDA websites. There are times where those websites aren't updated, but your clinician would be able to show you their physical/electronic ID, which would be compulsory for them to practice and be employed by Reverse Psychology.

There are so many different disciplines within psychotherapy that it can be hard to know which may work best for you. There's not a single discipline that works well for everyone. It can be useful to follow the NHS guidelines on what treatment works best for specific concerns, and your clinician will always guide you on whether they feel they are a good fit for you.

In some cases, an integrative approach may be recommended, encompassing a range of different modalities, but this will still always follow best practice evidence based guidelines. 

Phone consultation prior to appointment

For all child referrals, we ensure that we have a discussion with parents beforehand to understand what concerns are present. This helps the clinician to prepare for the first session, as well as giving parents an opportunity to meet the clinician and ask any questions before treatment begins. This would typically be a phone or Zoom call, for about 15 minutes, just to get a understanding of why you've reached out to us.

Any adult client can also request the same process and we would welcome you to speak to our clinicians before scheduling your first session.

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